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Blueberry Web

Blueberry Overview

Leverage for any way to earn in DeFi - Trade, Farm, Arb, Provide Liquidity, do anything with up to 25x more capital.
Reach out to the team on Discord to integrate your favourite protocol.

Trade + Earn

Borrow stablecoins and buy volatile tokens to go long, including yield-bearing assets like LSTs to offset your interest payments. Borrow volatile tokens and sell for stablecoins to go short, and the strategy will auto-deposit stablecoins on Blueberry lend to offset your interest.

Levered Yield

Employ leverage on a variety of Ethereum-based yield strategies including popular protocols like Curve, Convex, Balancer, Aura, and Uniswap v3. Customize your exposure by collateralizing with your preferred asset, and go long, short, or delta neutral while earning rewards.

Yield Arbitrage

Often, borrow rates on Blueberry will be lower than yield opportunities for the same asset on another protocol. Use leverage to take advantage of the rate spread for the same assets or yield derivatives. For example, borrow ETH and swap to pxETH from Redacted Cartel, to earn increased yield.